Mosaic Story


TURKISH HISTORY ON MOSIACS. Earliest Mosaic in the World Found in Turkey Intricate stone floor by a possible temple and cuneiform texts indicate that Usakli Hoyuk may have been the lost Hittite city of Zippalanda, suggests archaeologist Anacleto D’Agostino The stone mosaic floor is in the foregroundCredit: Usa̧klı Höyük Archaeological Project Ruth Schuster Get an […]

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HISTORY OF MOSAICS IN SPAIN The origins of Spanish tiles go back thousands of years… During Medieval times and before the Muslim invasion in the year 711, ceramics were extensively produced in Southern and Coastal Eastern Spain, including tiles for design and manufacture, practical pieces, mosaic art pieces, roof tiles, fountains, and so on. Spanish tiles have gained a worldwide

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Middle East

Early Byzantine mosaics in the Middle East Early Byzantine mosaics in the Middle East are a group of Christian mosaics created between the 4th and the 8th centuries in ancient Syria, Palestine, and Egypt when the area belonged to the Byzantine Empire. The eastern provinces of the Eastern Roman and later the Byzantine Empires inherited a strong artistic tradition from Late Antiquity. The tradition of making mosaics was carried on

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History of mosaics in Italy The fashion for mosaics grew in Italy from the early 2nd century when a simple black and white style emerged to meet Roman taste and fashion. Mosaics were a status symbol, indicating both wealth and good taste, however, they were also used to embellish public buildings like public baths (thermae) and shops. Mosaic, a medium

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HISTORY OF MOSIACS IN MOROCCO Moroccan tiles appeared in the 10th century and were later inspired by Roman and Byzantine mosaics. Colors were less bright and not many. If you were in the white and brown market, you’d be lucky. The 11th century announced the creation of geometric patterns, such as star polygons.14 June 2020 A Notable

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History of Talavera tiles in Mexico The History of Talavera Tile Today’s “True” Talavera tile and pottery comes from the rich black and white volcanic soils in and around Puebla, Mexico. Here the tradition and technique of hand-forming these tiles define this vivid craft. But Mexico hasn’t always been Talavera’s home. The history of Talavera

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Greek mosaic floors: 4th century BC In 348 BC Philip of Macedon attacks and destroys Olynthus, whose inhabitants have been unwise enough to rebel against him. Any survivors abandon the town, which is forgotten until it is excavated in the 1920s. The excavation reveals a fact previously unknown. Well-to-do Greeks of the 4th century have

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